Saturday, December 12, 2009


Christmas is coming at a sprint! I have been sewing day and night. I completed a cute little vest-jacket and scarf for Braelynn. I completed Braelynn's "Hot Air Balloon" quilt. Made it in a class taught by my Friend, Sally. It is too cute, she will love it! I have posted pictures of all the projects. On the left is the vest-jacket and scarf, on top is pictures of the quilt I am doing embroidery on and the one I just finished quilting, with a closeup to see the hand quilted pattern...I call it "flower power". I wanted a hand-drawn look like a child drew flowers and vines. I think I got it and once I wash the quilt those flowers will jump out at you. I am pleased. I hope my daughter who is getting it for Christmas is just as's her favorite colors and the flower power has a special meaning to her.