Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Embroidery Machine

I recently acquired a small Brother Embroidery Machine. It only has a 4x4 hoop, but that's good for now. I have been doing lots of embroidery. Quilt blocks, pillow covers, Christmas ornaments. There are, surprisingly, oodles of designs out there for a 4x4 hoop! I am a little leery of 'free' designs. However , I have found a few sites that are, so far, very trustworthy for downloading free designs.

 My current favorite is       http://embroideres.com/free-embroidery-designs/

Theirs is broken in categories. Makes for easier searching for a particular design.
Like this cute one to welcome 2015....in Japanese! (? I guess it's Japanese!?) Year of the Goat?
Goat free embroidery design 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015


A new year. What will it bring? What do I want it to bring?

I want to travel. I know, I do do travel quite a bit, but , I want to travel with my husband. We plan to go to Las Vegas this year. Hopefully within the next month. We have a new grandbaby due at the end of March, so that sort of puts a kink in any travel plans around that time. I suppose that means I'll be home....sewing!

I really should make a list of all my PHD's and get those knocked off this year. What are PHD's? Well, Projects Half Done, of course. I happen to have more than a few of those.  I'll think about it. Not sure I want to tackle such a big list this year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good Bye 2014!

Ok, I have NOT been posting for most of 2014. I was too busy and couldn't even keep up with email, let alone my blog.  I am not happy about that. I will do my best to keep up this year.

Let me give you sort of an update of what I've been up to.
In March 2014 I was the Director of the GSQA 15th Biennial Quilt show. We donated a total of 62 quilts to the local Fire and Police Departments. That's me in the middle.
We also had the honor of displaying some of the awesome, award winning quilts made by the founder of GSQA, Marion Maerke. This was her Humming Birds that won more than one ward in 1984.
This is Marion's daughter, Kathleen. She drew the winner for the opportunity quilt in the background. (I didn't win).
THEN, after a very hectic week of quilt show, I flew to Washington D.C. with my, then 82 year old, Dad. I took him to the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was AWESOME! It was his first trip to D C so we did the normal touristy things: The war monuments, he was a Master Sergeant in the army during the Korean War, the Arlington Cemetery, The white House and The Capital. It was the trip of a lifetime and neither of us will ever forget it

While I was in the area, I did a little shop hopping with a friend who lives there. 

That was in April 2014. Then, in May 2014, my baby became a senior in high school! Time flies when you're having fun!!

Skipping to October, I spent a week in Gulf Shores, Alabama with my sewing buddies. We went to Pensacola, FL for a class with Philippa Naylor from England. It was an awesome class! I also met up with quilty friends, Karen Williamson and Alma Moates. 

Now we are to Christmas, or Christmas sewing! I made 26 candy cane holders for my granddaughter's class. I made a reading tent for her playroom and a teepee for my grandson. For myself I made a table topper. I call it Peppermint Twist. I made it for a guild red and white challenge. I got an Honorable Mention.

So, now! We are up to date on LAST year. 
2015 will be AWESOME!! Let's make it sew!!