Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac!

All tucked in to wait for the hurricane to get here. Just stayed in today and I ACTUALLY GOT TO SEW!!! Happy day!! Putting my "Brownies a' la Mode" together. I took a class with Kathy Brown (famous for her Take 5 pattern!) and we started the "Brownie a' la Mode" in the class....that was a month ago! Well, now all the blocks are done and put together! Ironing the borders now. Plan to sew the binding on my Sudoku quilt so I will have some handwork to keep me busy when the electricity goes out :/ .  Baked some cookies (Chocolate with white chocolate chips an macadamia nuts..Mmmmm), boiled a dozen eggs ( ready for egg salad - with homemade mayo :), have PLENTY of water ( Kentwood man came yesterday :), bought batteries ( for everything in the house that uses batteries.. $$$$$!!!!!), put sandbags in front of the door, and out back ( in case the pool overflows with all the rain ) . Can you tell this is not my 1st hurricane?? NOT! I grew up here on the coast of Louisiana, nothing South of here but the Gulf of Mexico...where hurricanes come to play.
On a more serious note, I pray everyone in the path of Isaac is spare any harm of person or property.

Stay safe and enjoy the breeze :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Great Blog to follow!

I happened upon this great blog today. You should check it out!


An Army wife with lots of great info, tutorials, and recipes!!

Mobile bloging!

Maybe now I can keep my blog current!! It's going with me!! Wish I had this last week when we did a South Louisiana Shop Hop of 11 shops in 2 days!! So much fun!!!

Blog Hop Party!

There is a Blog Hop Party going on! Blog Hop Party

I wish I ha known about this before it started, but that's what I get for neglecting my blog! I say that I am going to keep up with my blog every day, but I don't have an action plan to do so.  I have friends who are faithful blogers. How do you do it? Help me!

Anyway, if you want to join in on the fun just go here


You hop from one blog to the other and leave a comment to WIN PRIZES! What fun!!

Go!! Hop!!!