Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane Isaac!

All tucked in to wait for the hurricane to get here. Just stayed in today and I ACTUALLY GOT TO SEW!!! Happy day!! Putting my "Brownies a' la Mode" together. I took a class with Kathy Brown (famous for her Take 5 pattern!) and we started the "Brownie a' la Mode" in the class....that was a month ago! Well, now all the blocks are done and put together! Ironing the borders now. Plan to sew the binding on my Sudoku quilt so I will have some handwork to keep me busy when the electricity goes out :/ .  Baked some cookies (Chocolate with white chocolate chips an macadamia nuts..Mmmmm), boiled a dozen eggs ( ready for egg salad - with homemade mayo :), have PLENTY of water ( Kentwood man came yesterday :), bought batteries ( for everything in the house that uses batteries.. $$$$$!!!!!), put sandbags in front of the door, and out back ( in case the pool overflows with all the rain ) . Can you tell this is not my 1st hurricane?? NOT! I grew up here on the coast of Louisiana, nothing South of here but the Gulf of Mexico...where hurricanes come to play.
On a more serious note, I pray everyone in the path of Isaac is spare any harm of person or property.

Stay safe and enjoy the breeze :)

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