Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Moving is a *&$%@!!

That, my friends, is a 26' Uhaul truck! We packed that puppy to the ceiling from front to back! The sad part? It was all from an apartment we occupied for the past eight years (that's another story), and we are moving BACK to our house (WHICH IS FULLY FURNISHED!!), two hours away. It took us 2 days to pack and load up that truck, then another day to unload it. Good! Done, you say? Not even close! There were 100 boxes in that truck . All 12"X 12" or 16" X 16".  I now have towers of boxes in almost every room of my small two bedroom house. My son's room (he's away at college, whew!), is packed with ALL THE BOXES FOR MY SEWING ROOM (30 OF THEM !!), And , I do mean packed! You can stand in the doorway , and that's as far as you can go!

Problem No. 1- My sewing room is not complete! The things I have in there needs to come out so I can put the flooring/rug down.

Problem No. 2 - My house was not lived in for 8 years! EVERYTHING in the kitchen had to be washed, weeded out, or painted. Yes! I washed every dish I own! All that while unpacking what goes in there! THAT took me an entire week!

My hands are like sandpaper. My bruises have bruises. I get up at 4:30am to begin the task at hand. Oh, and did I mention that my water heater went out???? I have to heat water on the stove to wash all those dishes! My dear brother is coming to install the new water heater. We are switching from gas to electric, so a little work is involved.

Why would I go through all this, you may ask. Well, my husband was laid off. The company actually closed down. Oil field related. It's bad, people.

The upside?
We are back in our house. We are together. This , too, shall pass!



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  2. Sheryl believe me I feel your pain!! We moved to Missouri from vp in 2009 and also had a 26 ft. Uhaul, only we had 2 teenage boys to help! (Thank you lord!) It took a solid 5 days to make the trip, everything that could go wrong did! Moving is a b%#@! Well we are back in vp now and that story is also a long one. I just ran across your blog this morning when I saw the pic of tasso shrimp grits! I wanted to say that you and I have a lot of parallels in life.. I love all things crafty, I especially love scrapbooking!! I taught myself to sew in 2007, I never had even so much as touched a sewing machine till then! What triggered my decision to learn to sew, use a sewing machine and read patterns was that my 13 year old daughter was asked to serve in a wedding and needed a very specific color and style dress that I could not find anywhere! Well I just decided I would buy a sewing machine, pick a pattern and have the lady at the material store help me gather everything I would need. Got home and took the sewing machine out the box and started with page 1 of the instructions book! I would not turn the page until I fully understood what every word on the page ment! After I learned all about my new sewing machine I did the same thing with the pattern.. I ate that elephant one bite at a time and am proud to say my daughter wore that dress in the wedding and I had tons of compliments!! Since then I have sewes many things and even taught my mother to sew!!! Well sorry for the long message and hope y'all are doing well.
    Thanks for the recipe!!

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