Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So many quilt patterns!! I have piles of books and patterns and even more ideas for quilts! Organize? I don't think I know how. I try. I fill totes and bins and binders and drawers. I just want to sew! Here's an idea...don't buy any more fabric until I sew all the fabric I now own. Yeah, right!

Also, I have a quilt in the works that MUST be finished (top anyway) by January. It's for a quilt show in March 2014. I have a few blocks made, all paper pieced, but I have a LONG way to go! The theme for the show is "Pineapple Fields Forever". I do love pineapple....but pineapple blocks....well, not my favorite. They are pretty though! Perhaps I'll give you a preview and show you a block here and there as I go. Wouldn't want show you the entire quilt until it hangs in the show.

Here is one of 14 pineapple blocks ( they will be of two different colors), I have five done. THEN there are 13 applique blocks (not cut out , yet) and a few pieces blocks and paper pieced border. YIKES!!!! Let me get off of here and sew.

P.S. I little encouragement here and there won't hurt :)

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