Sunday, December 8, 2013

This is the ship we were on. The Carnival Elation. I LOVE the 'cruise" part of the cruise. id not care for Cozumel. It's was too hot. I know, it's December, and it's not really hot like the Summer months, but still, I don't like HOT! I told my husband that I could not believe that I actually paid to go someplace hot!

However, cruising along....When we docked at Progresso we took a bus to Merida. That is where you will find  Merida’s Cathedral of San Ildefonso and Church of the Third Order of Jesus in Mexico. The oldest church in the Americas. Started in 1561 and completed in 1598. THIS was the highlight of the trip.

So, if you cruise to Progresso, Yucatan, Mexico, take the excursion to Merida, the capital, just to see this church. We were allowed to explore the church as well as take pictures and video.

Here's a photo that will give you an idea of the size of those doors and the church.

Ok, on the fun -on- board side, our cruise director, Hennie, was by far the most entertaining person on board. He was great! Also my husband participated in the Hairy Chest Competition. Yes, indeed, ladies. I am married to a man with a VERY hairy chest. Keeps me warm :) He would kill me if I put up a photo, but I can not control what goes on youtube ;)

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