Thursday, August 6, 2015

Christmas Gifts continued

Although it's 90 degrees outside, now is the time to whip up some Infinity Scarves for all your prissy, diva friends . Everyone loves these scarves, and they are so easy to make! You will look like the crafty queen when you give these as gifts .

Here's what you need: 

13" by the width of the fabric. Most faux fur fabrics come 58-60" wide. That's what you need. So, if you get one that is only 28-45" wide, you will need to piece it together to get to 60". 
Not to worry, the seams in this stuff are hidden forever! 

Cut off the selvages. Yes, it will shed , so be prepared!

Next, fold in half lenghtwise ,with right sides together and pin.

Now sew all the way from one end to the other.

Then turn right side out with the seam in the middle and lie flat and straight.

Keeping one end flat, pick up the other end and twist it 1, 2 , 3 times, then put it back down.

Curve the two ends to meet. Insert one end inside the other end.

Pin through all four layers where you inserted the ends and sew through all 4 layers. Just go slow and don't worry, your stitches will never be seen!

That's it! Your scarf is complete! Now, how easy was that!?


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