Friday, December 4, 2015

Crazy for stars!

I saw a version of this folded wreath online and had to make it!
It wasn't hard at all .
I used  6 1/2" squares of the focus ( back that flips up) and a 5 1/2" squares of the solid with 1 inch sashing sewn around. Used fusible fleece to give it shape.
Sew pairs with right sides together, leaving a space to flip right side out. Whip stitch closed. To mark sewing lines measure 3" down from corner and Mark, then 2 " from opposite corner, diagonally .Do this on both sides of the square. Use a ruler to draw the line from one point to the other. I used a frixion pen. You don't have to mark every square, just every other one. Iron off marks when all squares at joined . Oh, there are 12 squares in all. Then lift corners and join with a bead on top


Go! Sew!!


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